New Born Babies

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Lets talk about bringing home that new baby. This small little wonder that you are holding on to can be amazing and also a little over whelming. There are so many things to know. I am going to tell you how to do the simple things and tough things to make your life a lot easier. You want to make sure you do everything right. It is all so new to you.

First let’s talk about feeding time. Some mother’s breast feed the baby. How do you know if they are getting enough to eat? You’re not measuring the formula like you would in a bottle. When the baby attaches to the nipple keep an eye on the time. Newborns to not eat too fast. Most of them anyway. Try to nurse about 10 minutes, burp them and then let them eat on the other side for about 10 minutes. If the baby is still hungry, then you can more the time up in 5 minute intervals. I have children of my own. I have a couple that ate just a little at first and I have one that could not and would not stop eating. That is why it is important to watch the time. If they over eat then they will throw it up and have a tummy ache.

Now lets talk about mothers that feed the bebes reborn with a bottle. As most hospitals tell you, start out with a 4 oz bottle. Mix the formula, and then drip it on your wrist on the underside. If you do not feel anything, the temperature is perfect. If it is cold, then the bottle is to cold, if it burns you, then it will burn the babies’ mouth.

Here are simple things to know about new born babies.
o They like to stay wrapped in a blanket tightly. They are used to being in the mommy.
o They hate bathes. Do not worry if they cry or scream at bath time. It is a bit scary to them at first.
o Don’t forget to turn them backward in the car in the back seat. I know that it is hard to reach them, but this is the safest and the law.
o Sometimes when you are very busy and can’t play, put them in their car seat and sit them in front of the TV. All the flashing colors keeps them busy. This will NOT turn them into a coach potato.
o When the baby is fussy at night and cries all night this is a problem. Make sure that if you are breast feeding you do not have any caffeine. Sometimes they just want to feel you close. I would feed them, burp them and take them to bed. I would only do this for about the first month. My kids did NOT sleep with me.
o A baby with colic can be a challenge. I have learned that changing the environment helps a lot. Move into another room, go outside or another place. They are feeling ache and something hurts. I would sometimes give them a little Tylenol and take a night walk. This would help wonders.

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