Say No to Mobile Games

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Mobile phones have already evolved from their originally hefty and humble version to today’s smart and multifunctional ones. With the advancement in designs comes the advent of PGSLOT large quantity of mobile games, which in my opinion harms not only our physical health but also our mental well-being.

As far as physical health is concerned, I should say that mobile games play havoc with not only our eyes but also our hands. No mobile phone today can possibly be as large as a book, which means without any doubt, the screen of phones are lamentably tiny and compact. When playing games on phones, our eyes are riveted to the screen often for as long as it takes for us to feel uncomfortable. We expect games to be entertaining and enchanting, and that’s exactly why so many people are getting trapped on the tiny screens of their mobile phones, keeping their hands busy on those tinier keys, and thus for hours on end exposing their eyes to radiation of different degrees and bearing possible consequences of myopia and some other related hand problems. To make things worse, nowadays more and more children tend to have easy access to mobile phones, and with less awareness of self-discipline than most adults, they fall into easy prey to mobile games. The end results are mulitifold, with eye problems being the most direct and conspicuous. Consequently, for the sake of our physical health, especially for that of our vulnerable youngsters, let’s say no to mobile games resolutely.

Secondly, mobile games affect our mental well-being through gradually dragging us closer and closer to some virtual scenarios. Though not a big fun of mobile games myself, I do see people around me falling in hopeless love with mobile games. When they are not playing games, they think about them and about how to play better the next time. It seems that those virtual games have twisted them around the invisible little fingers. They fail to notice that their grades are plunging to record lows, their interpersonal communication with real people gets stubbornly restricted to mobile games related stuff, if there is some communication at all. Class time or work hours are idled away, simply by getting intimate with mobile games. Admittedly, these phenomena only happen to those addicts. However, given the increasingly sophisticated skills in game design and the resultant increase in temptation, even if you are just toying with mobile games, how long do you think it will take for you to be sucked into the core circle of big funs? Well, stay away from mobile games, and stay away from the virtual world they present out of pure fantasy, even if you consider yourself strongly self-disciplined.

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