Ukrainian Pysanka Egg As a Gift and Home Decoration

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different stars, ornamental geometrical symbols – triangle, spiral, crust, symbolic pictures of flora and fauna, ביצת יוני and Christian symbols.

Pysanka is among one of the ancient forms of folk paintings that expresses a peoples beliefs. The Pysanky egg symbolizes the sun, spring and nature’s return back to life after a long winter. Ancient Slavic people like other cultures around the world looked upon the egg with respect and prayed over it as the source of life, light, warmth and the beginning of everything long before Christianity was introduced in Kiev Rus. The Christian church implemented these beliefs and traditions of spring’s return into their celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection at Easter.

In modern Ukraine, boiled Pysanky eggs are used as starters for Easter dinner. Decorative Pysanky eggs were made as gifts to be given to family members, friends and respected outsiders. To be given an Easter egg was a symbolic gift of life, happiness, love and prosperity to be kept in one’s home till next spring.

In olden days the popular folklore was if you rolled an egg in a field of green oats and buried it in the field it would ensure a good harvest. If a farmer kept bees he might put eggs beneath his hives for a better crop of honey. It was a common custom to keep a bowl of decorated eggs in the home to keep a family healthy.

The symbolism and natural beauty of decorated Easter eggs have generated an increase in their demand. So much so, that talented craftsmen and artisans are using different media: glass, crystal, porcelain, carving, beaded or lacquer painted wood to present winter or summer landscapes, flower designs, and different objects on wooden eggs to produce marvelous additions for collectors and lovers of Easter and decorated wooden eggs.

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