Anal Masturbation For Pleasure

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Anal masturbation is not something that is commonly discussed but believe me, it can be very pleasurable for both men and women of any sexual orientation.  The reason for this is that the anus contains lots of nerve endings that are very sensitive. 

For men, anal masturbation is exceptionally pleasurable because it stimulates the prostate gland which is also known as the male G-spot.  Below is some advice and tips for those interested in anal masturbation.

For hygienic reasons you should also ensure that your bowels are clean before any anal masturbation session.  A good way to do this is to use анальный душ.  These are available from your local pharmacy.  You can also include more fruit and vegetables in your daily diet.  Before you begin your anal masturbation make sure to empty your bowels and take a warm shower or bath to relax yourself.  This also helps to increase the blood flow to the prostate gland making it easier to stimulate. 

Another important factor when it comes to anal masturbation is lubricant.  Lubricant is essential as the anus does not produce any natural lubrication.  If you try to insert any object into the anus without using lubrication you may experience a lot of pain.  This is due to lack of lubricant and it can be very unpleasant.  You see, the muscles in the anus are always contracted and this is to hold in your waste matter.  If you need to insert something into your anus it can help greatly if you push outwards as if you were emptying your bowels.  This opens these muscles and allows the object to be inserted without pain. 

When you first insert your fingers it may feel strange pushing as if to empty your bowels but if you have emptied them beforehand you have nothing to worry about.  The importance of lubricant cannot be overstressed and you will need to lubricate the outside of your anus and your fingers as well. 

When you start to insert your finger or fingers you will need to take it very slow and give the anal muscles time to them.  Once inside you should move your fingers in the direction of your navel.  This is where you will find your prostate gland.  It will feel like a small bulge and once you find it you can start to stimulate it.  Try stroking or using circular motions on either side of the prostate gland for the most pleasure.  The centre of the prostate gland is extremely sensitive so extra care is needed here.

Practice will only make perfect after this but be prepared for some mind blowing orgasms.  Stimulating the prostate through anal masturbation will cause ejaculation and with this you will experience intense orgasms like never before.  You won’t even need to touch your penis.

Before ending this article there are a few safety issues that I would like to mention.  The anus is very fragile and the tissues inside can tear very easily.  If using sex toys or anal stimulators you need to ensure that you do not push them up too far.  Prostate massagers are designed to be wider at the base to stop this from happening so if you are considering using toys I suggest you purchase one of these; you don’t want to end up in the emergency room now do you?

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