The Ultimate How to Flirt With a Girl

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Did you finally snag that number from that beautiful girl at the bar or at school? You might be wondering what to do next after the initial meeting. You’ll need to catch her attention if you want her to be excited about possibly going out with you while still keeping your value. You also want to make sure that you don’t come across as too clingy or forward. Flirty, cool and casual should be the tone of your messages. Follow these tips and learn how to flirt with a girl over text:

Instead of just asking “how are you today” type of questions, ask her something that will make her think, or send out a flirty line. You don’t have to ask a question to get her to respond- light teasing will do well too.
Use proper English and go easy on the emoticons. Use cute smiley faces and text speak in moderation. If you’re out of high school, it makes you look a little juvenile if your messages read like a Niteflirtsignin year old’s. Do be expressive in your language, though!
You don’t always have to respond to every text right away, especially if it’s just a trivial question. Try and change the subject to more interesting matters and wait awhile so that you don’t come across as being attached to your phone waiting for any word from her all the time (even if you are!). If you want to master how to flirt with a girl over text, remember to be mysterious.
Flirty is the key adjective, not necessarily raunchy. If you’ve just met her and you haven’t hooked up, don’t launch into sexting just yet. It’ll come off as creepy and drive her away.
The key to keeping her interest over texting is through viewing texts as a medium for flirty, fun and quick conversation. While texting can be a useful utility for asking someone out or asking a friend for directions, you don’t want to make your texting exchanges with your target just about utility. Make her think, be mysterious and spontaneous and her thoughts will linger over your messages for a long time!

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