Toyota Bed Liner – 5 Options

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Toyota bed liner options can protect your pickup or lead to rust and corrosion. Here are the 5 top liner options and why you might be better off with one than another.

Spray Liners

Popular for good reasons are the professional spray on bed liners. Every spray liner is a custom fit. That’s important for more than looks as we point out below. Hard to beat for good looks, spray liners usually also come with a bold guarantee. That isn’t a guarantee that the liner can’t be damaged, just that it can be resprayed. Spray liners are durable but are still after all composed of spray paint. Now it is tough paint and it is textured paint, but the coating is paint nonetheless. Also since it’s permanent there is no changing of your mind.

Then there is the spray on bedliner of cost.

Drop In Liners

Far cheaper than spray linings are the plastic liners. A real strong point of these results form the toughness of the thick plastic material. Almost impossible to destroy the liners also soak up just about any impact that could happen to a truck. Dent prevention is a real strong point. Watch for the right fit though. A poor fitting liner can wear the paint below the liner and set up a rust pocket. Also if the drain lines in the bed ever clog, the resulting water pools are another sure trouble spot.

Rubber Bed Mats

For next to nothing you can get a mat that protects better than any other choice. That’s a thick rubber mat. These even make sense over more expensive mats. Protect the high price liner with a cheap mat at the same time you protect the bed from impact damage and scratches as well.

Carpet Liners

BedRug makes custom fit marine grade carpet liners that cover the complete interior of beds. Not that the carpet can’t stand rough weather, but these are perfectly suited for underneath tonneau covers or truck bed caps. Anywhere you need soft surfaces to protect cargo, this is the one to look at first.

Do It Yourself

Another possible option includes the roll on bed liner or some other version of a owner applied coating. Bed liner paint lets you put on a liner that looks much like a spray on bed liner. You can save a lot of money with a do it yourself liner. Don’t expect durability like the professional liner though. But for older trucks, the roll on liner may be good enough. It’s a cheaper way to improve the looks of an older pickup.

Toyota bed liner options include several choices. Depending on how much you want to spend and how you use your truck, one of these 5 likely options will work best for your vehicle.

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