Tips For Poker Bankroll Management

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Once you have received that long-awaited poker bankroll, you may feel the need to start burning through it as fast as you can. But this practice can lead to the end of your online poker bankroll forever if you fall victim to simple mistakes such as playing through KampusPoker or hunger. What are some other errors that even the best poker players commit when playing online poker? Here we outline the Top 5 tips to consider when managing that all-important free poker bankroll.

  1. Play Comfortably

Don’t forget the fact that as a human being, we have certain necessities that we shouldn’t overlook when playing online poker. If you are not playing comfortably, your game will suffer. Taking breaks, eating well, avoiding distractions and sitting in a comfortable chair are just a few points to consider while you are building your poker bankroll.

  1. Don’t Play Drunk

Even though it may seem as though you play a better game of poker while you are hammered, the truth is your game will definitely suffer if you are distracted by the effects of too much booze. Having a few beers while your are hitting the online poker tables is one thing, but going through a few six-packs while burning through that poker bankroll is another thing. You’ll thank me in the morning.

  1. Play Seriously

After you receive your free bankroll, it is important that you realize that every hand you play matters in the bigger picture. Even though it may have cost you nothing to get that bankroll, you need to take every decision you make seriously. Avoid using up your bankroll by playing out of boredom or when you are distracted (See #2) and make it a point not to grind it out in the tables when you are prone to mistakes or dumb moves.

  1. Play Within Your Means

If you plan on building up that bankroll to something a little more substantial, you must remember play within your bankroll at all times. A good rule of thumb on playing within your means is to have 5% or less of your bankroll on the poker table at one time. If you are really frugal, you may want to drop that percentage to 3% or even 1% of your total poker bankroll. Although it may be tempting to build your bankroll as quickly as possible, this is one area where it pays to be patient.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Off the Prize

One of the most exciting feelings you may experience after receiving your bankroll is that first time that you check your balance and see that it has increased by a good bit. This quickly becomes addictive as you constantly want to see how much you have in your account – be it less or more than it was before. Unfortunately, you have just fallen into a cycle of chasing your losses and micro-managing your online poker account. Soon enough it will become a roller coaster as you see your balance up one day, only to fall again the next day. You must come to terms with the fact that building your poker bankroll can sometimes be a long, slow grind followed by a sudden, quick loss. The more time you actually spend on your poker game rather than in your poker account balance will most certainly add up to big winnings for the future.

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