What to Look For When Shopping For Night Cream and Skincare Products

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Are you following the right skincare routine? Do you know the right way to layer your skincare products? Skincare has a science and there’s actually a “right” way to do it. The general skincare rules for skincare products are pretty straightforward: put them on first, let them dry and then moisturize. However, the actual order of skincare https://skinary.vn/kem-body-mem-a-cosmetics/ products actually matters a lot. You may have the best, healthiest skincare products on the planet, but if you are applying them at the wrong time, you may be wasting your money and time without ever getting the outcome that you desire!

The basic scientific rule of skincare is that the higher the molecular weight of an ingredient is, the more it will lock moisture into your skin. So, for example, a cream that contains moisturizing oils like grape seed oil and avocado oil will work best with facial skin care products containing natural hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for moistening and smoothing of the skin, which makes it an important ingredient in facial skincare products as well as other skincare treatments. But, as mentioned, not all facial skincare creams contain this substance.

The problem with most popular brands of skincare products is that they don’t even use the correct terms to indicate the highest concentrations of each ingredient. Let me give you an example: many common brands of eye cream contain the term “paraffin wax”. This is okay, except that it really refers to the cheap kind of paraffin wax that you find in places like Walmart or CVS. What’s the logic behind using a term like “paraffin wax” when you can skip it and find something like “astringent eye cream”?

The problem with popular brands of skincare products like Max Factor and Dove is that they include ingredients like petrolatum. When I was shopping recently for an after-shave mask, I asked one of the cosmetic reps why the product didn’t contain more moisturizer. She told me that it contained “essential fatty acids”, but wouldn’t you rather have something with more moisture? I’m not sure about essential fatty acids, but I do know that petrolatum is a petroleum-based product that clogs the pores and can interfere with exfoliation. I also know that I should always use a high quality sunscreen.

I went to a skincare consultation recently because my face was becoming extremely dry and itchy. After explaining the problem to the consultant, she suggested that I look for a hyaluronic acid moisturizer. She said that the brand she was looking at would have high levels of hyaluronic acid in it. Apparently the product would be more effective if it had more moisturizer.

I actually checked the ingredient list and found that the hyaluronic acid in this brand of skincare product was sourced from horse hooves. Apparently, equine collagen isn’t very useful when applied to the skin. It took me a little bit to shop around and find a nice night cream that contained functional keratin, but it’s been a long experience. Thanks to my friend who sent me the info on reading labels, I now know what to look for and where to go when I am shopping for nighttime creams and lotions.

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