Poultry Tips That Save You Money!

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If you’re looking into poultry housing, there are some key things you can do that will greatly increase your costs and save you loads of money. Far too many farmers spend way too much money on the process and it’s just not necessary.

Often you will get far better results with your poultry housing if you bobcat 773 specs make a few simple adjustments which significantly reduce both your price and time to build.

So let’s get to them right away – here are your simple poultry housing tips to get started.

Use Windows Maximally

One of the greatest necessities with poultry housing is being sure you have windows. Windows will be the primary light source that your chickens use and when you are not getting enough fresh light, the chickens can actually become quite ill.

So first off, position them correctly. But then, one thing many farmers overlook is also using those chicken house windows for ventilation as well.

Many will instead build vents into the chicken coop design, but that’s a costly procedure.

Instead, make the windows do double duty by using them for ventilation purposes as well. This can easily save you at least $500.

Consider A Larger Chicken House Run

Second, here’s a secret that many don’t know. If you have a larger chicken run, you can actually make your chicken house smaller. Since the vast majority of the spending costs for the poultry housing is on supplies and materials, the smaller the coop, the less you have to spend.

So by increasing your chicken run (and land is free! – assuming you own your land) you can decrease on building supplies price.

Simple and effective.

Don’t Overlook Feeder Height

Finally, one huge problem many chicken farmers run into is that their chickens are just not laying eggs. They wake up each morning hope to be met with a dozen or so fresh eggs but find that there’s absolutely none that have been laid.

Then they wonder what’s going on – who can blame them. Build a chicken house and your chickens should be laying eggs!

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way and there are a number of things that can impact their ability to lay eggs. So these chicken farmers go and spend hundreds of dollars on repairs that they think will solve the problem.

Only it doesn’t and they still aren’t getting their fresh eggs.

Know the simple solution? Feeder height. It really can be that simple. If the feeders in your poultry housing are not at the correct height for easy access by your chickens, you won’t get fresh eggs.

So use the guide to determine optimal height. It’s a small change that takes two minutes but it can make a world of difference.

There you have it – three quick tips that make poultry housing so much cheaper and faster.

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