An old-school game that can be educational and healthy

Old-school game that can be educational and healthy will certainly make some children feel at home and continue to play. When the child’s growth and development continue to grow and curiosity continues to increase will make the child continue to ask questions. Since technology has entered and introduced many sophisticated online media, it will certainly make many people use it

But advanced technology can also make the child unable to enjoy other games. They are just more interested in gadgets than interacting with other people. So to prevent this, you can invite children to play old-school games that can educate and nourish children.

In memory of

Bloqueunitario – Of course, those who were born in the 90s are familiar with old-school games, right? Before the colonial period, there were already some village children who played old-school games as a sports activity while playing. Of course, the game continues to grow and become a trend. Maybe parents who have never played old-school games will feel afraid and anxious.

To relieve anxiety, mothers can accompany their children to play, such as:

learn how to behave//run


A game that will invite children to run, dribble and feel tired when running. It will make it easier for children to communicate and be responsible for what they do. Playing soccer games can also make children’s thinking power develop.


Congklak is a game that only girls can play. In the game of Congklak children will take some small stones in the Congklak. Around the Congklak while entering one by one. When a small stone enters the Congklak hole where there is a stone, the stone will be taken and rotated again until it reaches the empty Congklak place.

Seeing how to play Congklak of course we know the purpose of the game. The child is taught to learn to count and be careful in determining which one to take in Congklak.

Dragon snake

2 children stand up and form a door with their hands gripping each other. The rest of the kids formed a line and as they walked through the door they circled and went back in like that. During playing with the dragon snake the children will walk while singing. When the song that is being played ends, be prepared, there could be a child in the line who is caught by the door.