First impact tournament game

The first impact tournament game is a local match that is starting to be held. Hearing the match from First Impact, of course, many gamers can’t wait to be able to take part in the match held by First Impact. This time the organizers held a tournament that competed for magic chess and e football.

The game will be formed into 2 rounds only. Preliminary round and grand final. In the initial game, the players who participate will be held in 4 cities. So during the preliminary round, you must be able to win and not lose to other teams. Successfully entering and winning the players will immediately enter the grand final.

2 preliminaries

Bloqueunitario – A grand final match was held in Bali. Of course, the rules of the game are very different from the previous game. Although there are only 2 rounds that players have to go through. The team from the first impact tournament also made a preliminary round which was carried out in 2 matches. In the first qualifying round the players will compete online.

And for the second preliminary round, offline matches will be held. Each place for the preliminary round has a different date. So for players who want to register, don’t miss the elimination date that has been provided by the committee. Two preliminary rounds with different dates.

Buy tickets online

buy tickets on the YUDO app//tournament

Opportunity to get more wins by practicing and strengthening the match system. In addition to the first impact tournament, they also held an exciting and interesting event. Of course, those who want to watch the event can buy a match ticket that has been prepared by the committee.

The coaching clinic event was guided by Indra Tajusa Sugandi, an e-football athlete. Of course, those of you who have watched e football matches, must be familiar with it. watching the match will also get some other interesting prizes. For those of you who want to watch the first impact match, you can buy tickets online.

Get free balance

No need to worry about the tickets you will get. Because the organizing committee also provides 3 types of tickets that you can buy, namely regular, deluxe, and premium. To buy tickets, you can enter the YODU application. Applications that work with tournament first impact.

As long as you use YODU to buy tournament tickets, buyers will get a free balance from YODU of twenty thousand to forty thousand.