Game Tournament Indonesia Esports

Since being hit by the pandemic, many types of matches have to be stopped and all cannot leave the house. The period that made many people suffer a lot of losses made their hearts hurt. Many types of businesses have experienced setbacks since the pandemic came. Many types of products are experiencing setbacks as well as event makers. Game Tournament Indonesia Esports

Many important events were stopped and did not run completely. Especially for tournament events from esports. Usually, esports tournaments always hold events with an open system where in the tournament there will be spectators cheering the gamers who compete. But what power the esports tournament has to change the match process?

Match without spectators

Bloqueunitario – The tournament is open with many spectators and during the pandemic, it is only held behind closed doors. Where there are no enthusiastic spectators but only gamers who take part in the game competition. Because the conditions were quiet, only the sound of the game could be heard, there was nothing to encourage gamers who took part in the competition.

The esports tournament doesn’t end even though the pandemic reigns willingly. The match continued fiercely until the winner was found. The committee appreciates the efforts of gamers who have practiced long enough so that the match continues as usual even without spectators. In 2020, the esports tournament will only be followed by 10 types of tournaments.

Victory from the public

Tournament esports also creates a match that can be judged based on the number of spectators, broadcast hours, and who saw the results of the match. The 3 types can be a sign of determining the winner quickly. But this may be considered unfair by some participants.

compete in the tournament//competition

The provisions of the esports tournament, which since the pandemic period made it a rule that if gamers who participated in the match got a lot of viewers, they could be winners. This proves that the event held is really from the esports tournament. But some judges think the judge can have a bad impact on gamers.

Tournament info

So that the judges also gave several awards for several types of tournaments that gave a positive side to gamers. The committee of the esports tournament has determined 8 types of tournaments that provide a positive side. Although the number of viewers is not as much as with other esports tournaments, this does not discourage gamers.

Rather, it becomes a tool of encouragement for them to become great gamers. Of course, many gamers want to participate in esports tournaments. To be able to take part in esports tournaments, gamers can find tournament info through official social media and the official website. Don’t just read the esports tournament information.

Group match

Because gamers could be tricked by irresponsible people. To be safe, gamers can seek information from fellow gamers. In an esports tournament, it is not just one match session, but many match sessions that are carried out at different hours. Each event provides a different total prize – different.

Exactly in 2022 the esports tournament also held an exciting match. Held 15 matches in esports tournaments on different dates. It makes a lot of gamers can’t wait to follow the game. Can win the game as well as get the winning money. The results of such tiring training can be paid off by getting a win.

In esports tournaments, it is not just one gamer who plays but in groups. Each group that participates in the game will be determined by the committee. So prepare team training and determine the team that can bring the group of gamers to victory.