Games made in Indonesia

Games made in Indonesia are also no less competitive with cool games out there. Maybe many gamers don’t know that Indonesia also has great and exciting games. It can be said that the games we play also belong to Indonesia. The development that continues to advance makes the developers continue to produce their best work.

Since the emergence of cool games, Indonesian children have dreamed of making great games that Indonesians themselves can play. Since the emergence of making games that are contested, the game makers are interested and participate in enlivening the competition. Who would have thought that a game made in Indonesia could also become a game that many gamers like.

Great programmer

Bloqueunitario – It’s not only Indonesia who plays this game, but gamers from all over the world also love games made in Indonesia. Who would have thought that Indonesian games could also amaze gamers. To make a game is not as easy as we draw and upload data. But in making games we need a programmer who is reliable and understands the vision and mission of making games.

This can be proven from the results of their hard work, which is liked by many players. Of course, many are curious about who succeeded in making Indonesian games a success? it turns out to make a game we also have to know how and the system in making it. Bloqueunitario

Game company name

There are several names of game owners that we can find along with their games such as:

Touchten game

Presenting a game in the form of a sushi chain. Sushi chain is a game that has managed to get a download number of one point two million times through the apps store from Apple. Its success made Touchten Game develop a new game with the title Ramen Chain and Train Legend.

Attractive gameplay and style//exciting

Agate studio

Is a company that stands in Bandung. Earl Gray and this Rupert Guy are the first games released by Agate Studios. There are still other games made by sexy witch, vroom, valthirian are, football saga, and many other types of games.


Gemscol presents an exciting game form and makes gamers who like the survival version also interested in playing it. The types of games that are present are lost saga, black squad, and dragon nest.


Which managed to become the most popular game among gamers. Seeing the success of this game, Megaxux made a version of the game with moving images or better known as video games. The first game that was made was let’s dance and so on such as: grand chase, counter strike online, lineage II, ward rock and many other types of games available.

Able to compete with other games

It may look like an ordinary game, but gamers know that games made by Indonesia are not inferior to games out there. The shape of the animation that looks real plus the bright and beautiful game colors make gamers fall in love.

To be like those who are great, of course, new makers can join the community of game makers. There will be ways and steps that are taught in making games by the community. Games made in Indonesia are really really cool looking like games made from the outside. Able to compete with outside games and get a lot of unexpected requests.