Hot pot novomatic

Feel challenged with every game provided by novomatic. There are so many games that have been presented by novomatic. The game is so exciting and has become the most popular game among gamers. One game that can make gamers not get bored playing is hot pot.

The hot pot presented by novomatic this time is different from other games. Which in other games the form of hot pot is food. But in novomatic the form of the game is in the form of a hot place filled with lava. The theme this time will be Arranging several small particles into endless big effects.

Playing in the middle of hot lava

Bloqueunitario – In the theme of the game there are several layers of rock that continue to emit hot lava down into the lava. Volcanoes that continue to actively emit lava create many symbols that also burn when they succeed in forming game symbols. Right in the background of the game there are many thousands if not hundreds of hot lava that keeps coming out non-stop.

The task of the game in the hot pot game is to find the symbol value and win this game. Each symbol that is formed will give a high value to gamers. Getting the same symbol or combination can make it easier for gamers to win quickly. This type of game starts from 5 rolls with 3 rows.

Game symbols

The value formed is very high so that gamers can win the game with just 5 steps, they can bring home a lot of coins. Each symbol that is formed will speed up gamers to win. The symbols that are present in the hot pot game are: number 7, star, fruit [grape, cherry, watermelon, lemon, and many other types of symbols.

enter the volcano//lava

Wild is present as number 7. Wild will replace all symbols except scatter. Each scatter is not always present in the same position. Scatter itself is a beautiful star with a bright gold color. Stars that form the value of the same symbol and do not combine. Get 3 symbols of the same type or combination to get coins instantly.

Additional games

Each value and number of wins can be seen by gamers in the information. There are many types of symbols along with descriptions to be able to win easily. Hot pot games also provide a quick and easy game system. The system is the auto play button. Buttons that can make gamers no longer need to press the play button. Once you press auto play, the screen will rotate continuously until you get the appropriate symbol.

To start the symbol value is taken from left to right. In games that are presented by novomatic in the hot pot game, there is no bonus game and free spins. However, gamers can play gamble games that are already on the game screen. Games that will also show the level of luck of gamers when playing gambles. It’s not difficult to play the game.

There are 2 cards with a closed model and gamers must guess the card is black or red. If the guessing machine asks for red, the gamer must be able to find the red color in order to bring home a lot of coins with an increased value from the previous bet value. Prepare money to play hot pot game. To play the hot pot game, gamers don’t need to download it again.