How to play the game subway surfers

Hi friends, there are many types of games that provide many types of wins in unique and tense ways. But did you know that this requires some tricks to win easily? Just like the subways surfers game requires a lot of tricks and how to play the subways surfers game easily.

To play this game, you can download it on your cellphone. Go to the google play store and select the type of game in the search field. When you meet, choose the game subways surfers. There are many versions of the game provided by Google. Download the game and wait a few minutes for the application to be installed directly on your mobile device.

Play with 2 modes

Bloqueunitario – Playing this game can be done in 2 ways, namely playing online and offline. Can play for free when you don’t have data. And can also add to the fun by increasing the level of the game online. For those who don’t know how to play it, you can try watching some reviews from Youtube or it could be from friends who are experienced.

In this Subway Surfers game, gamers are given 3 chances to play it. So don’t die and keep running to get coins. There are several game steps that gamers can use on their cellphone, namely:

Jump up

To make a jump, gamers can slide the screen up. By sliding the screen up you can directly direct your players to jump up. The resulting jumps can’t reach high jumps but can help earn coins. To be able to jump high, gamers can use super sneakers.

play with 2 modes//games

Sledding or rolling

While running saw a big obstacle blocking and the bottom was loose. If you jump, the player will die when you run, and you will crash. The thing that is needed is a rolling position or sliding down. Use your finger to slide the screen down

Move to the side

When running, of course, we have to avoid anything in front of us. The same goes for the game subways surfers who have to avoid from the front. Swipe right if you want right and swipe left if you want to be left. Gamers are guided to choose the path that they will pass.

Want to run faster?

If you want to run faster, you can press the screen 2 times. Then the player will take out the surfboard and the opportunity to escape becomes easy.

Coins and power

While running doesn’t forget to collect coins. The coins can be used to get several types of support to improve the game. When met with power or heart immediately run and almost the sign. When the power can automatically increase the power and can get great power. And a sign of love as a sign of adding the player’s life.