List of MLBB tournaments and free fire at Codashop fantastic 8

Registering for tournaments on Codashop Fantastic 8 can be said to be difficult and easy. For true gamers, of course, there will be no difficulties when registering. In contrast to new gamers who have to find info and find group mates to be able to take part in tournaments. Exactly one of the online games held a celebration to welcome the anniversary of 8 years.

In order to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the online game, a unique event is created for gamers. Hosted a match in his birthday campaign. The games being played are mobile legends Bang-bang and free fire. Hearing the name of the game they mentioned, many gamers couldn’t wait to join in on the match.

Register for free

Bloqueunitario – If in other tournaments they will set rates for registrants. But the game tournament held by Codashop is free of charge. Registration is free and gamers can win the game by bringing a win of 80 million. Who will refuse when they hear that the prize money is huge?

On this 8th anniversary, Codashop gives cash prizes to gamers bigger than previous game matches. In addition to holding matches, it turns out that Codashop shows their concern for the health of gamers in Indonesia. Since hearing that Codashop is holding a match, of course, gamers who are already experts and are still new will continue to practice and win games.


free fire
signed up for two games//free fire

Seeing that Codashop created this campaign, of course, many gamers are curious about other goals. No other goal is more important than the Health of gamers. Prepare some information that gamers can get while practicing. Codashop held 2 games in the same month.

To be able to win the game you must register first. Fixed in 2022 the Codashop match is held. Exactly in the eleventh month, game registration has been opened. Matches are held on the same day with different game scales.

Match type Registering for tournaments on Codashop Fantastic 8

Free fire will be held from 11 to 24 November 2022
Mobile legends from the 11th to December 2022
The registration session is quite too close to other game matches. If gamers manage to win in both games, they will get 80 million. But if you only win one match, you will get 40 million in each match game.