Remembering old-school games

2022 is a millennial year for today’s children. Year after year continues to change giving many big changes for today’s children. Since being affected by the pandemic, many schools and several places have closed people so they don’t transmit the virus. Because of the pandemic, many children have to learn online. It makes us remembering old-school games.

Online learning makes children have to use cell phones so they can follow lessons. With these changes, most children do not know the types of games in the past. The types of games they know are online games, social media, and many other types of games on mobile phones.


Bloqueunitario – Because of the need and sophistication, children only work on their cell phones or computer screen. But even so, there are several places where many children play games that children used to love. When you see this, you remember how fun it was to play with friends.

Reminiscing about childhood really makes us remember funny things that make us laugh out loud. Seeing the expressions of children who lost and won and feeling the heat of the sun while playing on the field. Each game has its own unique way to play. When do you think back on what kind of games did you like when you were a kid?

Games are still being played

Playing is what children like the most. Can develop children’s motor nerves and help children to socialize with their peers. Almost many types of lost games cannot be found in children’s games. But there are still games that survive and continue to make children like football, and kites

A game that is also a sporting event that is very popular with children, especially men. This game played by 11 people took a lot of time and practice. It doesn’t matter if it’s just football.
There are still other types of games that we can remember to play, such as: Bloqueunitario

  • Jump rope
  • Shoot the marbles
  • Hide and seek
  • Dragon snake
  • Congklak
  • Kites
  • Cooking
  • Bekel ball
  • catapult
  • Jengklak and many more types of games
    Having fun with old games will certainly make us laugh out loud reminiscing. Each region has different ways and rules of the game so many people play the game in their own version.
Play with family

Finding the old-school game is very easy. Since the use of social media, many people have re-recorded exciting moments playing old-school games. Even how to play it can vary when on social media. There are those who play it with funny costumes, there are also those whose rules of the game are to poke flour on the loser’s face. It was a very unexpected change.

This old-school game can also help familiarize you with family and relatives. Gathering with family by playing old-school games creates a festive atmosphere filled with jokes and laughter. Seeing the disappearance of old-school games has made some people take the initiative to capture games using video.
Old-school games will also teach children to play and increase children creativity in playing. Brain motor will work and make them know how to cope with the game.