The creator battle tournament is being held again

The creator battle tournament was held again in Indonesia. Making many gamers can’t wait to register for the tournament. The winning prize that you can take home is as much as one hundred million rupiahs. The Tournament Creator battle started in January 2022.

In the tournament creator battle, it turns out that there are already many gamers who have registered and joined the tournament. There are twelve teams with a total of almost sixty great gamers from Facebook. The present team is formed in a group. There are 4 groups that are ready to be placed in each game position. Bloqueunitario


Those who like watching tournament games, of course, are familiar with tournament creator battles. For those of you who want to watch it, you can watch it directly via Facebook Live. It’s not just live to be able to watch the tournament creator battle. Every participant who takes part in the creator battle match will do a live stream. Shows how they attack and defend their game.

team tournament
Continuing matches//team tournament

Before reaching the final, it turns out that gamers must be able to beat other teams. A battle that makes gamers continue to attack for three days in a row. Tournament creator battles often hold matches every day. The goal of this tournament is to form a new community with new players. In addition, you can develop a game that is fun and exciting.

Reached the grand final and final

Getting to know each other can be new friends for you. For those of you who want to earn more money, of course, you can do live streaming. Joining facebook games can help increase the number of viewers. Without you realizing it, tournament creator battles can also increase the number of viewers and sellers.

Succeeding in making the charging round event exciting has motivated many people to become gamers. The grand final will torture 3 players in the tournament creator battle game.