The most popular game of all time

This popular game of all time has turned out to be a game favored by gamers. When you feel bored, of course, you will use the opportunity to play games. There are so many types of games available and you can choose the game you want. Every time and every time you will continue to play with exciting and fun games.

Did you know that the game that you have been playing so far is a very popular game among gamers? It can be seen from the interest of gamers that games that are often used will be easy to find. Because it gets a lot of points and interesting comments in every game. Not only one type but there are several types of games that are also popular.

Here are some of the names of games that are liked by gamers, namely:

Minecraft – Bloqueunitario

One of the unique and fun games. This game that uses the form of a lego arrangement has managed to become a popular game among gamers. This Minecraft game can be played via computers and smartphones.


Who doesn’t know PUBG? One game that will never be lost by time. Games that appear with this version also always hold competitions between gamers. So it’s not surprising that many gamers immediately use PUBG.

Apex legend

The apex legend game is a game that already exists and has managed to become a game downloaded by many gamers. In this game, gamers can enjoy a fierce battlefield. War games that have succeeded in making gamers fall in love.


exciting and captivating gamers//fortnite

Not inferior to other games, Fortnite games are also games that are liked by many players. For those who have played the PUBG game, of course, you will have no difficulty playing it. The method and steps of the game are very similar to the PUBG game. Even so, the Fortnite game still presents a different storyline from the PUBG game.

Free fire

The game has a nuance full of color and energy. Can make players not want to let go and continue to play. Because the fun of playing makes many downloads and makes the free fire game the number one game in Indonesia.