The presence of a new tournament in a free fire in 2020

The presence of a new tournament in a free fire in 2020 has surprised many gamers. Good news for gamers and free-fire game lovers. Which gamer wouldn’t be happy when they heard that there was a new tournament coming in 2020? A match that used to only have one has now become two tournaments.

In the 2019 match, the Free Fire Champions changed its name to the Free Fire World Cup the previous year. And right in 2020, two new tournaments make many gamers curious. Based on the info, the new matches will be held in 2020 in June and July.

Two tournaments were held

Bloqueunitario – The Step Opportunity that gamers have been waiting for a long time. The two tournaments held differently this month can be exciting matches. Of course rumors about the 2 tournaments that will be held have succeeded in making all gamers compete to register and form teams.

Both tournaments will come with a new game system. Of course, it will be accepted by many gamers. When calculated based on the total prizes combined it is very high. A big tournament that gamers have always been waiting for. The winning value that will be obtained is twenty-seven billion.

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Team formed

Apart from the presence of two new tournaments, gamers can prepare their skills again for new matches. A match that comes in December. The match, which will be held later this month, will be held in Brazil. For gamers who want to compete in Brazil, of course, they have to prepare several strong requirements and preparations.

In 2020, 12 teams have gathered to take part in the free fire tournament. Teams that have good abilities are also the top teams in each league. Of course, many can’t wait to see how gamers act when they meet very great and strong players.